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  • 100 points total (10% of total grade). 
  • Due on assigned dates. 
  •  Journals should be between 150-300 words.
    • The purpose of journals is to develop the final research paper. 
  • Journals should be posted on your personal roster page under the heading JOURNALS. 


  • Journal One: post three texts to you are considering for your final paper. Include links to text summaries. 
    • 10 points 
    • Due 9/2 
  • Journal Two: post an art work that you relates to the course theme (literary quest).  
    •  Summarize the art work you have chosen.
    • 10 points 
    • Due 9/11 
  • Journal Three: Choose one of the elements of visual rhetoric to analyze the art work you have chosen in a paragraph. 
    • Do not summarize (you did that for the last journal)
    •  10 points 
    • Due 9/18 
  • Journal Four: identify the topic you are considering for the final paper.  
    • 10 points 
    • Due 10/7 
  • Journal Five: List of three scholarly secondary text on topic/text (post to roster page) 
    • 20 points 
    • Due 10/14 
  • Journal Six: Working Thesis
    • 20 points  
    • Due 10/30 
  • Journal Seven: Do two paragraphs of analysis on one of your texts.  
    • 20 points  
    • Due 11/6 


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