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Final Group Presentations

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Final Group Presentation

  • Due: 12/9 - 12/11
  •  Sign up 11/25
  • Total: 100 points 


For the final group presentation, students will create a conference panel with other students working on the same text. The entire presentation will be 7 - 10 minutes and afterwards the group will field questions from the audience. This is a low-stakes presentation. The purpose of this is to share your final project with your classmates. 



  1. Name and LTU email here.
  2. Kai Schmidt kschmidt2@ltu.edu 
  3. George Kasmikha gkasmikha@ltu.edu 
  4. Celeste K. Scott cscott3@ltu.edu  
  5. Gerrit  gstollenw@ltu.edu
  6. Maryam Alghafli, (Malghafli@ltu.edu).
  7. Anthony Sisson asisson@ltu.edu
  8. Tanner Tulgetske ttulgetsk@ltu.edu
  9. Joseph Pudlik jpudlik@ltu.edu 


Love in the Time of Cholera



Mrs. Dalloway



"A Doll's House"

  1. Danielle Rosni (drosni@ltu.edu)


A Grain of Wheat

  1.  London Jocham ( ljocham@ltu.edu )


Maus I&II

  1. John McCarthy jmccarthy@ltu.edu
  2. Bradley Finegan (bfinegan@ltu.edu)
  3. Mitchell Springborn (mspringbo@ltu.edu)
  4. Nicholas LaFata (nlafata@ltu.edu)
  5. Gabe Stroe (gstroe@ltu.edu) 



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