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Date Session Name Materials Assignment
8/28 Collision Course Introduction
9/2 Visualizing Cultural Collisions
  •  Journal One
9/4 DIA Visit (No In-Class Meeting)
  • DIA ticket stub
  • Photograph with art object 


9/9 Frankenstein's Cultural Awakening
  • Frankenstein 


9/11 Frankenstein's Cultural Awakening
  • Frankenstein 
  • Journal Two 
9/16 Frankenstein's Cultural Awakening
  • Frankenstein  


9/18 Body of Collisions
  •  Journal Three
9/23 Romantic World  
9/25 Exam    Exam I 
9/30 Victorian Era   
10/2 Age of Empire


10/7 Empire Writes Back
  • Love in the Time of Cholera
  • Journal Four 
10/9 Empire Writes Back
  • Love in the Time of Cholera 


10/14 End of Empire  
  • Mrs. Dalloway
  • Journal Five
10/16 End of Empire
  • Mrs. Dalloway 


10/21 Drama of Changing Worlds
  • Doll's House 


10/23 Exam

Exam II

10/28 WWI  
10/30 WWII
  •  Journal Six
11/4 Maus 
  • Maus I&II 


11/6 Maus
  • Maus I&II  
  • Journal Seven 
11/11 Post-Colonial Era 


11/13 Imagining a New World
  • A Grain of Wheat




Imagining a New World

  • A Grain of Wheat


11/20 Library Day (In-Class Work Day)
  • Library Card


11/25 Out-of-class work day
  • Use this day to come talk to me if you're having trouble with the paper!
  • Rough Draft Due
12/2 Exam    Exam III  
12/4 Conferences 
  • Out-of-class work day. Conferences will be held in my office (S 209B).
12/9 Conferences
12/11 Last Class Final Papers Due


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