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Total Points: 1000


Topic/Notes Assignment Due (to be done before class starts on date listed at left)
9/15 Introduction 
  • Our course website is a wiki! What is a wiki? Watch the Common Craft video for an explanation. 
  • Sign up to be an "writer" of this wiki webspace by clicking on the link in the email you were sent or by click on the "To join this workspace, request access" link on the right.








Journals (100 points)
  • Journal One: post three texts to you are considering for your final paper. Include links to text summaries. 
  • Journal Two: post an art work that you relates to the course theme (literary quest).  
    •  Summarize the art work you have chosen.
  • Journal Three: Choose one of the elements of visual rhetoric to analyze the art work you have chosen in a paragraph. 
    • Do not summarize (you did that for the last journal) 
  • Journal Four: identify the topic you are considering for the final paper.  
  • Journal Five: List of three scholarly secondary text on topic/text (post to roster page)
  • Journal Six: Working Thesis
  • Journal Seven: Do two paragraphs of analysis on one of your texts.   



Final Paper (300 points)
  • Rough Draft - Due 11/18 11/25
    • Conferences (sign up here) 
    • Rough drafts will be discussed in conferences. 
  • Final Draft - Due 12/11 
12/9-12/11 Final Group Presentations (100 points)
  • Groups will present panels where they summarize their final papers for the class. 
  Exams  (4oo points total)
  • Exam I - 9/25 in class
  • Exam II - 10/23 in class
  • Exam III - 12/2 in class 

 Participation (100 points)


  • DIA visit (9/4) - due any time before 10/2.
    • Bring ticket stub and post a picture of yourself at the DIA. (10 points)
TBA  Extra Credit  
  • Extra Credit opportunities will be posted when local cultural events related to the course occur. 


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